Juli Min is the Editor in Chief of The Shanghai Literary Review. TSLR is a biannual print magazine of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and translation, and its editors split time between New York and Shanghai. TSLR accepts submissions year-round and hosts a monthly open mic night in Shanghai. For more information about events and submissions, please visit www.shanghailiterary.com

Min also co-founded the Jululu Independent Book Festival and is a Lecturer of writing at the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology. Her work has been published in Hazlitt, Real Life, SCMP, & Storychord.




outside the window a man paints

grey stone tiles with water with

the end of a long brush

each square a house for a letter



on tiles further away

already drying, strokes, shrinking

turning into dots


the cafe is warm the sun

the yellowed gingko

leaves shaking below

JingAn temple, gilded

I, slow,

expanding around me,

bookshelves, books, magazines

becoming dots


he walks with a small limp

across the street

the thicket of gingko, French plane


leaves in the autumn

gilded like the eaves

of the temple after


a while

a light rain falls